Mike McGuire February 27, 2015
Attorney, LHB Pacific Law Partners

The guys are dependable, thorough and reasonably priced. They pick up and return your vehicle when promised and do quality work. The convenience is great. It's nice not having to take time out of your weekend to get your car washed.

Shayna Wray February 20, 2015

Private Car Wash is extremely convenient and the prices are the best around, not to mention they do a great job. I highly recommend them.

Trish Smith June 21, 2014

Great service and quality work - very convenient to get this done at work.

Darren M. June 10, 2013

Khodr and crew make it so easy and affordable to get your car washed all while you're at work. Definitely recommend checking them out!

Sandy Weatherly March 27, 2013
Analyst, Caterpillar

These guys do a great job. My cars look great and you can't beat the convenience of having it washed while at work. Everyone is friendly, helpful and goes out of their way to make sure you are happy.

Lorre Clapp March 22, 2013

Private Car Wash does an excellent job of cleaning my cars and at a reasonable price too. And having my cars cleaned while I am at work - well that cannot be beat. Thank you Private Car Wash, you are the best!

Sir Rodeheaver February 14, 2013
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Icon Residential

Great job, very detailed and always done on time. Friendly staff. I recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive, but great car wash and detailing

Ken Johnson February 4, 2013
Partner, KSJG, LLP

It's hard to beat the convenience of getting your car washed while at work. It saves me the time on the weekend or after work. On top of that, the quality and sense of customer service has been great.

James Ritchie, June 28, 2012
1st VP Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Great, fast & professional! These guys are an amazing bonus to wotking 8001 Irvine Center Drive!

Brad Gustavsen, June 12, 2012
Chief Engineer, FLUOR

Allways a great job we take our work trucks every week and could not be more pleased. All clients on site use them.

Mildra Cardenas, June 9, 2012

First time using this service and i couldn't be more happy with the result. Great quality of work, great price and the flexibility of having it done while you go about your day at work is perfect. I will be a returning customer. thank!

Linda Francis, June 5, 2012

Private Car Wash Service has been doing the cars at our business for a number of years. I am very pleased with their work. Their employees are friendly and respectful. They give attention to details and really care about my car. It always looks great when they return it to me. A big plus is the convenience - while I work, they detail the car and return it. I highly recommend them!

Cynthia West, May 18, 2012
Vice President, Project Insight

I'm still using Private Car Wash every other week to keep my car in top condition. They do great work and it takes no time whatsoever as I'm working while they clean. Highly recommend them!

Sally Zaragoza, May 18, 2012

I am always pleased with the service they provide for my car. Especially Diego, its always a pleasure dealing with him because he is so courteous and professional.

Faisal Moin, November 28, 2012
Office Manager, Aramco

Dear All I would like to thank you for all your efforts. Today i did service of my car and very much satisfied. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Faisal (Jeddah)

Tara Wadsworth, February 3, 2011
Customer Service, Icon Residential Lenders

Nobody beats Private Car Wash prices and quality of service. I love the convenience of having my car washed during the work day. My ride has never looked so good.

Matt Rhorer, February 2, 2011
Preferred Financial Solutions

I have had my car washed and waxed by private car wash services many times and I will never let anyone else touch my car but them. Their customer service is second to none and their skill and care in cleaning, waxing, and taking care of your car is awesome. Plus, their price is very fair. If you want to have a clean car make sure to use them every single time.

Shawna Karlberg, February 1, 2011
Underwriter, Icon Residential

I just wanted to say I have never been so impressed with a car wash! my car had been to Northern California 2 times in a week and it sure was dirty.. I had private car wash clean it and they were amazing.. so detailed and they took their time and pride to make sure it looked great, and for only $15.00! It was the best car wash Ive had.. Thank you. :)

Carol Heck, January 20, 2011
Office Manager, Handy Chiropractic, APC

I'm so thankful to have Private Car Wash in our complex. They make it so easy to utilize their services and always do a beautiful job. They are professional and courteous! Thanks, Private Car Wash! Carol

Katia Chiporukha, January 14, 2011
Coast Brands Group

These guys are great! Great quality of service and very nice dealing with them. Who could\'ve come up with a better idea to provide car washes while you work! It\'s a win win all the way around.

Dennis Crane, January 6, 2011
Marketing, B/T western Corp

PCWS has been doing my vehicles for over a year now. Love the convenience of having my car and truck pick up and dropped off clean. They show up in our office which is a great reminder to have the cars done because I get so side tracked about having it done. Plus there is no pressure to get it done if you need it done at that time. I have even gotten several other co-workers to utilize their services. Can’t beat the price and convenience.

Jack Abajian, January 6, 2011
Account Manager, ICON Residential

Thank you for all of your hard and amazing job on all 3 of our cars.. Keep up the good work, and thank you for taking care of our company cars as well

Hugh Mobley, January 3, 2011

Our staff has used various mobile detailing companies for years. PCW Service is hands down the best we have ever used! PCW is the best! They take real pride in their service and their work speaks for itself... Your Car comes back as if you paid for a $ 100.00 detail! The service and guys are top notch. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Thanks Again guys for all the great service in 2010! and look forward to working with you in 2011! HM

Jocelyn Viray, December 13, 2010
Camden Living

I love the convenience that they provide. They come in the morning and pick up the vehicle and have it back to me by lunch time or early afternoon. When they find things in the car, they put it in a place where I can find it easily like in the cup holders. Although, the team members may change as to who picks up my car, it has been my experience that they are very trustworthy and respectful of my property. I dropped an expired bank card along with my passport card and couldn\'t find it, but they did and put it in my cup holder. I feel good recommending Private Car Wash to my colleagues and friends.

Nakeda Phillips, December 8, 2010
AT&T Advertising Solutions

I am really happy with the services provided by Private Car Wash. The person picking up my car is always very courteous. It\'s returned in a timely manner and they do an excellent job cleaning it. I highly recommend!

Cynthia West, December 3, 2010
Project Insight

These guys are great! They\'ve been coming to our office for a couple of months now and do great work. It\'s so convenient, a friendly person pops in our office, takes the keys and order. When they are finished, they bring the keys back and I leave work with a clean, polished car.

Jim Heynen, December 2, 2010
General Manager, American General Life and Accident

Private Car Wash Service has been providing me excellent service with an extremely professional crew for several years. If you\'ve not utilized this wonderfully convenient service, I urge you to do so. They\'ve earned my trust and loyalty.

Rita Quiroga, December 2, 2010
Model Finance Co.

The servive is always great, and very customer friendly. I would highly recommend.

Frank Perkins, December 2, 2010
Manager, CB Richard Ellis

I have been a client of Private Car Wash for over two years, and I must say that they are amazing. They are prompt and professional...always! These are two qualities very hard to find in today\'s business world, especially for a car service that comes to you. Their prices oppose to their service is a plus. I am a business professional and my car is an extension of me....they help keep them both looking awesome. I highly recommend their service to anyone or business. Frank Perkins

Terry O'Neill, December 1, 2010
Vice President of Operations, CMS Products

Private Car Wash does an outstanding job of detailing my Black Cadillac DTS. They pick the car up from my work and drop it off clean and polished. Very conveinent process at a good price. I highly recommend thier services.

Dean & Regina Katzelis, December 1, 2010
Essex Futures

Outstanding Service! Very professional. We highly recommend Private Car Wash Service to all our friends and family.

Thi Nguyen, Nvember 30, 2010
Rock Software

Great job on the car. Thank you!

Sam Shahidi, November 30, 2010
Senior Vice President, Direct One

The company does a great job on my car! Two Thumbs Up!

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